M. Paolillo Materie Plastiche has been working for thirty years in trading and processing Methacrylate (plexiglass, trespex, Perspex), Polycarbonate, Pvc, Polythene, Nylon and expanded Polystyrene, establishing himself as a safe and qualified reference for the entire industry.

To assure large production quantities and to produce extremely precise samples and prototypes, our company uses laser cutting CNC.
The experience gained during the years allowed us to specialize in furniture , scenography and shop fitting with artistic manual works. We also master unique techniques for “inclusions” in plexiglass (i.e. insertion of objects into block of plexiglass), using fluids and polystyrene materials.

Since we thrive for the continuous research of new materials and innovative processes, customers would always find products to satisfy their needs
Furthermore, we offer to follow you throughout the whole process (from design to the choice of appropriate materials). Upon request, we can also combine our materials with wood, iron, aluminum in order to conceive a ready-to-use end-product

Reliability and accuracy are our main strengths. Customers trust us because we put them at the center of our attention, always providing a high-level service and committing to deliver on time.

Our History
For over 30 years of activity, many achievements have contributed to our success.

Our Strenghts

• All made in Italy
• Design-based production, prototyping and run of productions of series
• Use of vector files autocad 2000 and corel draw: .dxf – .dwg
• Maximum confidentiality in preserving customer projects
• Quick quotes
• Fast lead to order
• Fast responsive technical support
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