Processing and trading of plastic materials

M. Paolillo materie plastiche has been working for thirty years in trading and processing Methacrylate (plexiglass, trespex, Perspex), Polycarbonate, Pvc, Polythene, Nylon and expanded Polystyrene, establishing himself as a safe and qualified reference for the entire industry.



Due to their multiple properties, Plastic Materials, are able to take any form and use, solving all kinds of problems and requirements.
Here is a list of the most used materials:



Our technology solutions allow to optimize quality and accuracy while processing plastic and other materials such as wood and metal.
Here is a list of the technologies used in our industry:



With thirty year experience, we have created a wide variety of products from furniture to ship portholes.
Here are some of our workings:

M. Paolillo

M. Paolillo Materie Plastiche da oltre 30 anni è specializzata in lavorazioni e vendita di metacrilato e di altri materiali plastici.

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plexiglass taglio laser
Bordi lucidi del metacrilato trasparente

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