Laser cutting

Project Description

The laser allows to cut precisely and quickly slabs of various materials and depth. This is the only machine that is able to optimize materials
Based on a vectorial drawing, we can obtain very neat completions/details on very small geometrical shapes.
The laser cutting machine is also able to engrave permanently the surface with satin finishes with customized writings, logos and decorations.

Cutting surface 3050 x 2050 mm
Cutting surface 1400 x 1000 mm


  • Cutting speed
  • Excellent finishing touches
  • Polished edge
  • Cutting of minimum quantity of prototype
  • Large quantity of products

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M. Paolillo

M. Paolillo Materie Plastiche da oltre 30 anni è specializzata in lavorazioni e vendita di metacrilato e di altri materiali plastici.

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plexiglass taglio laser
Bordi lucidi del metacrilato trasparente

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